Car Show 10-20-2012

Lets face it, we love cars. We love to drive them, and we like to show them off. That is exactly the purpose of a car show. I attended my very first car show last night, and got some amazing shots thanks to my photographer, Elizabeth. This was a vintage car show, where cars from the early 1930s to date, were displayed. Personally,I’ve never been intrigued with the history behind cars, but after speaking to some of the owners of the classic models, that all changed.

This showcase was displayed outside Rock n Roll Cafe, in Simi Valley, California.  I was talking to the owners asking them the make and models. We saw Plymouth Cudas, Special Buicks from the late 1930s to the 1970’s and trucks.

We met a owner of a classic plymouth 1976 cuda, named John, and he told us it isn’t easy to maintain these cars,because parts are rare and can cost $1000s’ to repair. Most people just keep them parked in their garage as collector items

As you can see in the 1930’s,  some of the automobile designs of this period in history were exceptionally artistic and sophisticated. Most of these vintage models are post World War 1.


Red Plymouth 1970 Cuda                                                   1956 Buick special

Photos by: Elizabeth Woods

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