Van Damme Recruits Bollywood Stars for ‘Luxury Injustice’



The ‘Expendables 2‘ and ’80’s action star was a special guest at International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) 2013 in Macau and was awarded a prize by Salman Khan.   Although he didn’t mention exactly which Bollywood star he had in mind, Van Damme said “We are going to make a movie entitled ‘Luxury Injustice‘.  We are here to announce our collaboration with an Indian actor for the film.”  The IIFA trip is seen by some as a recruiting trip by Van Damme for his upcoming project.

Of course this led to questions about whether 52-year old Van Damme had ever considered acting in a Bollywood movie himself, to which he replied “I love India and it’s films.  I would love to star in Bollywood films.”

When asked who his favorite Bollywood star is, The Muscles from Brussels shot back  “It’s a hard question. It’s like asking what’s better, Ferrari, Lambhorgini, or Mercedes!”

Van Damme is best known for his work as a martial arts Hollywood star in the 1980’s and 1990’s with films like ‘Bloodsport‘  ‘Lionheart‘, and ‘Timecop‘.

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