‘Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as New Lex Luthor in Upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel?

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Well, we’ve already had the shocking news that Christian Bale has turned down the chance to play Batman again in the upcoming sequel to monster hit ‘Man of Steel‘ with Ben Affleck picking up the cowl and cape of everyone’s favorite masked vigilante, but it looks like the casting surprises don’t stop there.

Bryan Cranston has shown everyone that he’s not just a sitcom dad anymore, ala ‘Malcolm in the Middle‘, with his masterful performance as chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White in one of TV’s greatest series ever and perennial critical darling/ratings champ ‘Breaking Bad‘.  But Cranston may not be done there as rumors are swirling that he’s on tap to play one of the most famous super-villains ever in Superman‘s nemesis Lex Luthor.

Ever since Lex was introduced to audience’s in April of 1940 by way of Action Comics #23, he’s been the Moriarty to Superman’s Sherlock Holmes.  Lex is often described as a power mad industrialist hell-bent on world domination and the eradication of Superman, but it would be interesting to see what one of the hottest actors in Hollywood would bring to a character voted 8th best villain of all-time by Wizard magazine.

Here’s Cranston putting on an acting clinic in his portrayal of Walter White’s transformation into murderous and cunning meth kingpin Heisenberg, let’s watch:

I am the one who knocks!!!!”…. Classic!  The sequel to ‘Man of Steel‘, tentatively entitled ‘Batman v. Superman‘, will hit theaters mid-summer 2015 and ‘Breaking Bad‘s fifth and final season continues to unfurl on AMC as we speak.

Jennifer Lawrence Never Doubted She’d Be Famous

photo: reddit.com

photo: reddit.com
Jennifer being Jennifer and doing things that no doctor/mom/TV personality could ever get away with at the Oscars….

Most women can only dream of the kind of success Jennifer Lawrence has reached over a lifetime, never mind that the precocious actress has barely reached the ripe old age of 22.  Oscar. Check.  ‘Vogue‘ magazine cover girl.  Check.  The face of a hundred million dollar plus grossing film franchise.  Check.  Indie film darling. Check. Acting opposite silver screen legend Robert Deniro. Check.  The list goes on and on…. But did the Kentucky native ever doubt her stratospheric rise to fame would happen? Well, not according to her if you pay attention to what she’s said recently.

Echoing thoughts that are unfortunately reminiscent of the ramblings of much of Hollywood’s homeless denizens, Jennifer  said “I’ve never said this before, because there is no way to say it without it being completely misunderstood, but ever since I was really little, I always had a very normal idea of what I wanted: I was going to be a mom, and I was going to be a doctor, and I was going to live in Kentucky. But I always knew that I was going to be famous. I honest to God don’t know how else to describe it. I used to lie in bed and wonder, ‘Am I going to be a local TV person? Am I going to a motivational speaker?’ It wasn’t a vision. But as it’s kind of happening, you have this buried understanding: of course.”

Jennifer is busy reprising her role as Katniss Everdeen in the sequel to the hugely successful ‘The Hunger Games‘, ‘Catching Fire‘.  She also revealed that she can relate to her character in ‘The Hunger Games’ saying “When ‘Winter’s Bone‘ was getting nominated. I had only done indies, and suddenly I was introduced to this brand-new world where I didn’t feel like myself. I was in these weird gowns and listening to people talk about things I didn’t understand. And I remember reading that in the book and being like, ‘Oh, my God, I know exactly what this feels like….

Much like Katniss, Jennifer has since gone through her own growth and transformation (minus the killing of course) quipping “I don’t know what it’s like to get ready for your death, but I do know what it’s like to be almost a puppet. And then when I was making the second film, I had become more acquainted with that world, and I think that’s something that Katniss experiences.”

What’s next for world-beater Jennifer Lawerence?  Audiences can look forward to her subsequent project being a turn in David O’Russel‘s ‘American Hustle‘ opposite Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and her ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ co-stars Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro.  Jennifer plays Christian Bale’s wild ex-wife in the film that revolves around the FBI’s infamous ABSCAM operations of the ’70’s.

Here’s the first trailer for ‘American Hustle‘, which is slated for a December 25, 2013 release, let’s take a look:

Jennifer seemed to enjoy her time on the film as she checked off yet another box from a list that any woman would envy, saying “I got to make out with Christian Bale.”  How could anyone dislike a woman who says off-the-cuff things like that?

Batman and Superman Teaming Up for 2015 Movie!!!

photo: movieline.com

photo: movieline.com

In 2013 Comic Con news that quickly spread into the hottest buzz among fans and geeks alike, ‘Man of Steel‘ director Zac Snyder revealed that the dynamic duo will be teaming up for a movie to be released in summer 2015.  This pairing marks the first time Superman and Batman have been paired up on screen, although two of the biggest movers and shakers in the DC comic universe have been on the same page many times as comic book fans can attest to.

Warner Brothers is again backing the two top-grossing crime-fighters in this next installment of the franchise.  Henry Cavill will once again don the blue tights of Superman with Amy Adams returning as Lois while it’s almost certain that Christian Bale will appear as the Caped Crusader. This is despite ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ director Christopher Nolan swearing that this past installment was his last in the franchise.

Snyder announced the film and then had actor Harry Lennox come on stage to cryptically offer “I am the man who beat you” as a hint towards the direction for the new film.  Does this mean that Lennox will play the new villain that has Superman and Batman teaming up to save Gotham in this latest chapter in the onscreen lives of these two caped icons?  What will Gotham look like after it was decimated in ‘Man of Steel‘?  Will Batman and Superman be at loggerheads like they were in Frank Miller’s dark take on the two heroes’ relationship in his classic four series mid-1980’s set ‘The Dark Knight Returns‘? Didn’t Batman hand up the cape at the end of his last movie?  Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt going to play Batman’s sidekick Robin in this new movie?

So many questions, so few answers, at least of yet.  We’ll keep you posted for any news about this exciting film as it develops.

Freida Pinto Decries Lack of Female Writers and Directors in Entertainment!


photo: hollywood-movies.us

The 28-year old ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ and ‘Immortals‘ star has gone on the record to bring attention to the lack of women in creative behind-the-scenes roles in the male-dominated entertainment industry.

Freida Pinto told CNN recently “The only way to cure that problem is to have more female writers and more female directors. There will be a different perspective when you have women writers and women directors. There is sometimes a misconception that a female director can’t really tackle manly issues and definitely Kathryn Bigelow proves them wrong.”

Does this mean Ms. Pinto is going to put her money where her mouth is and perhaps get into writing or directing in the near future?  Not likely yet as her schedule is packed with more film roles in projects like Terrence Malick‘s ‘Knight of Cups‘ alongside Christian Bale and Richard Raymond‘s ‘Desert Dancer‘ coming out soon.  But perhaps when she has a second to think, she’ll opt to get behind the camera instead of infront of it.  We’re sure she’ll make an excellent director!

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