New Roberto Cavalli Press release Triggers Internet Outrage

Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli sent out a press release on Tuesday, with a digitally altered image of Bey wearing his latest creation. Beyonce’s bootylicious bod was Photoshopped, making her famous curves appear extremely thin. This didn’t sit well with the pop star’s fans and triggered internet outrage.

LA Fashion Weekend Presents: Maison de Urbana March 15th, 2013

World SannaKhan was at the Maison de Urbana Fashion Show on March 15th, 2013, where designer Urbana Chappa showcased her unique creations.

Maison de Urbana Fashion Show

Actress speaks out about the pressures of being thin in Bollywood

” Today most of the girls are stick thin, and that is a tragedy. That has been life miserable for women like me,” says actress Raveena Tandon.


The pressure to be thin isn’t just in Hollywood. Apparently, Bollywood diva’s also face the same criticism and scrutiny if they aren’t a size zero. Raveena Tandon along with Aishwariya Rai, and many others have been targeted by the media concerning their weight.

So sad–but we’re not surprised. As if Bollywood didn’t have other issues to conquer. Take skin lightening for an example. Even today, if your not a certain skin tone, you will not be considered beautiful.

Sickening I know….

Noone wants to lend Kim clothes

Poor Kimmy gets rejected by top designers. Being one of the most “powerful women” on tv right now, Kim is still having a hard time getting some of the top designers to give her free clothes. Stylist Nicola Formichetti, whos dressed top celebs such as Lady Gaga, was suppose to get Kim ready for her Elle Magazine shoot, but explained “it’s a challenge dressing Kim” “People wouldn’t lend me the clothes, but that’s fashion snobbery.”

So what could it be? Is Kim getting too big to wear these top designer clothes (she IS pregnant) or are people starting to see her for what she really is? Err…we will stay mum on this one. Besides, she can just buy the clothes if she wanted to.

Photo of the week: Bollywood Diva Bipasha Basu turns 34

Happy birthday to the gorgeous Bipasha Basu!


The actress tweets, “Off to Goa with my buddies and sisters for my birthday!”

Interview with Designer Urbana Chappa

Urbana Chappa

Be sure to check out Urbana’s fashion line Maison de Urbana, in NYC fashion week in Febuary 2013, and LA in March.

A glamorous infusion of Spanish and Middle Eastern heritage. Using burka lace with lots of beading from around the globe, Urbana is taking the fashion world by storm.

Some of Urbana’s clients include Actress Natasha Henstridge, Songwriter Diane Warren. Producer of  Two and a Half Men, Lee Aaronson’s wife Lisa Haisha and Actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield.


Kristen Stewart wants her baby to look like Hrithik Roshan

It seems the Twilight stars are Bollywood fans after all. First, Robert Pattinson revealed he is a Shahrukh Khan and Kajol fan. Now Kristen Stewart says she wants her baby to look like Hrithik Roshan? hmmm…Is it me or is that a little creepy?? I wonder how Robert felt about that one. Read more here


The former Miss Universe has once again shown the world, she is not only beauty and brains, but she has a creative side to her as well. The bomb shell will  introduce to us her clothing line which will be available in stores very soon. The actress turned entrepreneur is no stranger to fashion. You see the diva sporting very trendy, chic attire everywhere she goes and surprisingly, she chose a very traditional edge for her clothing line. Lara Dutta tweeted ““A sneak preview of a traditional woven sari from my new line, launching on the 21, very excited,” as she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a traditional, orange sari.

For those who do not know- Miss Dutta has also made a fitness dvd and produces films. This is just another venture she has taken up and we wish her all the best!

LA STYLE Fashion Week 2012

LA Style fashion week was held at the Vibiana, in downtown Los Angeles from October 15 through out the 19th. This 5 day event provides both, fashion designers, and emerging fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their creations to the world. My talented photographer and I headed out there to get photos, and possible interviews with designers and models, and this is what we got.

A sneak peak of the set up before the guests arrive

The scene once the guests arrived

This event can definitely get overwhelming; there’s so much to take in all at once! My photographer, Elizabeth Woods, and I headed out to Vibiana around 7 pm and were stunned to see so many interesting people under one roof. Not only was the hall full of beautiful people from Los Angeles, it had people from all over the country. The event was full of Designers, Models and Press.  We scoped out the venue and took amazing shots of both the runway and the alluring enviorment surrounding us. The designers of the night were Louis Verdad and Dar Sara.  I was lucky enough to get a very brief interview in with Dar Sara. Originally from the Phillipines but also spending many years in Dubai, this designer is taking the world by storm by displaying his life story through his designs.

What inspires you to create?

What inspires me is Hollywood. The Stars inspire me; the glitz, the glamour and everything Hollywood.

Watching your show reminded me of a theatrical show; it had a dramatic powerful beginning and  it ended on calming, light note; such as a movie with a happy ending.  Why did you choose to display your work the way you did?

I chose to display my designs the way I did because it’s the story of my life. The struggles I first faced in the beginning and how I over came those struggles. I like to make sure that comes across in my work because it is who I am.

One last question before I let you go. Where is your line available?

It is available in the US and all over the world. You can check it out online

It was an amazing show and I highly recommend everyone to check out the Designers. Louis Verdad was simple, classy and sexy while Dar Sara displayed fantasy, unrestrained innovative opulence. Both designers showcased impeccable artistry and creative genius.

A quick photo with Designer Dar Sara

LA Style Fashion Week – DAY 2


Another day in the world of fashion here in downtown, Los Angeles. We headed out to Vibiana to check out the Madison Park Collective runway show. The day started off with collections by Paul Gibson and Jane Booke. The evening ended with ‘Local Social’ and ‘Madison Park.’ My talented photographer Elizabeth and I arrived just in time for the Madison Park collective.

It was a scene out of a magazine. The event-hall was decked out as always, and it flashed the designers logo on the screen. The lighting felt perfect and the ambiance was set for a night to remember. That being said, let me tell you about the [eye candy] that was in store for us. It’s a Fashion show, so of course there are going to be beautiful men everywhere — this was better than I could ever have expected.

  The show started with the guys walking out wearing classic attire; signature Madison Park. Before you know it- the guys started dancing a little number to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it.” (That’s when everyone’s cameras came up.) This has got to be one of my top favorite shows so far this week.  The show was a success and the clothes were very tasteful. However, the real peak of the show was the flash-dance ending.

Photography by: Elizabeth Woods

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