Salman Khan Still Guiding Suraj Pancholi’s Career Despite Jiah Khan Suicide





Salman Khan, who is facing his own charges involving a 2002 hit-and-run World Sanna Khan reported on earlier, has continued to back his young protege Suraj Pancholi despite all of the negative press surrounding the youth since his estranged girlfriend Jiah Khan‘s suicide.  Salman has asked Suraj’s parents not to comment on the pending charges facing their son for allegedly abetting Jiah’s suicide.

Suraj is ready to make his bollywood debut in a remake of the 1983 film ‘Hero‘, which Salman is co-producing with Subhash Gai. Although Salman hasn’t officially announced the project yet and has been busy dealing with his own dramas while filming his next flick ‘Mental‘ in Hyderabad, reports had a dejected Suraj meeting with Salman on set to seek guidance.

Suraj’s father, actor Aditya Pancholi, said “I can’t say anything (about the meeting with Salman or Suraj’s debut venture). It’s not like Salman bhai has barred us from speaking, but he has said, ‘Ab main bolunga (now I will talk)’. So we would rather keep quiet….” when asked about the meeting with Salman.

A black cloud seems to be hovering around Salman these days as he has been in the press recently for ‘Mental‘ co-star Sana Khan being charged for kidnapping, his own legal issues stemming from a 2002 hit-and-run, an entertainment reporter saying that Salman used his muscle to quash a report about the accident on his online blog, and trouble with his Romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantur‘s ex appearing in the news.  This is in addition to the bad press surrounding Salman’s 21-year old acolyte Suraj Pancholi.  One has to wonder if Salman has let the insular world of stardom go to his head….

Actress Sana Khan Released on Bail!

Sana Khan


Sana Khan (no relation) has been released from jail on bail pending her charges for kidnapping of a minor and absconding.  Ms. Khan had allegedly aided her cousin Naved Khan (22) and his three friends in kidnapping a 15-year old girl in Mumbai who had rejected Naved’s marriage proposal.  The police had already arrested Sana’s cousin and friends but were initially unable to locate Sana, leading to the additional charge of absconding.

The attempted kidnapping had allegedly occurred after the unnamed 15-year old object of Naved’s affections had spurned his marriage proposal after months of meetings following a Facebook courtship.  Police say that Naved and his three friends went to the girl’s home and attempted to drag the girl into a BMW which Sana was driving!  The girl managed to get away, ran inside her home, and her mother then lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police.  Talk about a scene straight out of a movie!!!

Sana Khan is hoping to become a legit Bollywood actress and is set to star in Salman Khan‘s film ‘Mental‘, which is to be released next year.  Prior to her Bollywood debut, Sana was featured in TV commercials along with the likes of Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan.  She also participated in last season’s reality television show ‘Big Boss‘, hosted by Salman Khan.

Let’s hope that Ms. Khan keeps out of trouble in her personal life and saves the drama for the silver screen, where it belongs!

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