Bollywood Glamour Lures Chinese Muslims to India?!?!



Well, this is a first.  It seems that Indian security forces recently picked up a trio of knife-wielding Chinese Muslims who had crossed the border from Kargalilik, in Western Xianjang province in China, into India.  What lured these men into India and  almost unwittingly causing an international incident? Espionage?  Some fiendish plot?  Sightseeing???  Why, the answer is much more simple.  Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan made them do it!  Er, well, at least the allure of Bollywood made them venture into India.


“Come on over to India, the land of milk and honey!! Er, or lassi and ras malai! Don’t you agree Shah Rukh?”

In a plot straight out of a movie (take note Bollywood producers, hint, hint…) the men, who only spoke Uighur, were given the impression that India was a land of prosperity thanks to the Bollywood movies they had seen.  So ,like any men hailing from an impoverished area of China, they decided to seek their fame and fortune in India.  Well, Kashmir to be exact as that’s where they were reportedly headed.  Unluckily, they were intercepted by Indian forces who were perplexed by what Chinese Muslims armed with only swords and knives were doing in India.  A translator later, the men’s true aim was discovered.  They just wanted to be where every shy girl turns out to be gorgeous and everything is done with a song and dance routine!

Hooray for Bollywood, I guess?

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