Photo of the Day: Bollywood Star Signs Talent Deal with ABC

Priyanka Chopra is taking over Hollywood after all! The former Miss World signed a talent holding deal recently with ABC studios for one year, where she will be developed or cast in existing projects for Fall 2015. Chopra’s manager Anjula Acharia-Bath feels Priyanka will thrive because of the growing diversity of leading women in shows today.

Priyanka may just be the first Bollywood female star to actually crossover….everyone else can go back to Bollywood now ;)

Was Jiah Khan MURDERED?????



In something straight out of a 1940’s Hollywood film noir, Indian forensic experts are now saying that a reexamination of the recently deceased actress Jiah Khan‘s remains revealed signs of a struggle. Though news stories had not long ago painted the young thespian’s struggles with depression following a faltering Bollywood career as motives for a suicide, her mother struggled violently against these initial assertions by both the media and Indian authorities. After Jiah Khan’s body was found in her Juhu Beach apartment speculation ran rampant that her flailing acting career and troubles with boyfriend Suraj Pancholi had led her to hang herself. A suicide note (claiming Suraj had raped Jiah, impregnated her, and then forced her to have an abortion) had also been found and Indian police even went so far as to arrest boyfriend Suraj for allegedly abetting the suicide.

Suraj was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing and the scandal died down as yet another cautionary tale of a young ingenue who came to Bollywood with dreams of glamor only to taker her life when those dreams seemed to be faltering, but Jiah’s mother Rabia Khan would have none of it. After initially questioning the authenticity of the alleged suicide note, she then personally hired an independent forensic expert to reexamine the evidence, and has now publicly pointed the finger at Suraj Pancholi in the press. Rabia finally received the recognition of an Indian court that asked the authorities to reexamine the forensic evidence. Incidentally, Suraj is the famous scion of an acting family that includes his former actor father Aditya Pancholi and mother Zarina Wahab. He’s was scheduled to take his own turn on film by starring in the Salman Khan produced remake of Subhash Ghai‘s 1983 hit film ‘Hero‘ early next year, but those plans may have to be delayed.

Suraj and his family seemingly went on the offensive after he was cleared following Jiah’s June 3 suicide investigation. Suraj event went on to claim in interviews that Jiah was depressed at the time of her suicide, had tried to commit suicide previously (an attempt that Suraj says he stopped), that Jiah was abused by her ex-boyfriends, and had been raped by an older man when she was fourteen. His mother then went on the record as saying that Jiah Khan was too much in love with her son, suggesting an unhealthy connection for the deceased Jiah and Suraj.

Through it all, Rabia Khan would have none of it and her efforts may finally bear fruit. The independent forensic expert Rabia had hired, esteemed Dr. R K Sharma of the infamous Noida murder case, found that Jiah had 300 ml’s of alcohol in her stomach at the time of her death, meaning she was most probably incapacitated. This level of intoxication would make it very difficult for Jiah to hang herself as the Juhu Beach forensic experts had initially concluded. Dr. Sharma further suggested that an able bodied person would, however, be able to hang Jiah. He further found human tissue under Jiah’s fingernails and blood in Jiah’s nail clippings, suggesting a struggle right before her alleged suicide. Indian authorities at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) at Kalina, Mumbai agreed with Dr. Sharma’s conclusion in a recent report regarding the pre-death struggle assertions and will most probably order an exhumation of Jiah’s body for further examination according to sources.

No word on who the alleged murderer may be, but some sources have said authorities suspect someone “very close to Jiah” may have committed what is seemingly turning from a suicide to a homicide investigation. We here at World SannaKhan will have more news of this increasingly bizarre case as it is unfolds.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Calling It Quits!



Well, it looks like another Hollywood power couple is biting the dust as sources say that Hollywood royalty Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are calling it quits after 13 years of marriage.  Michael is a scion of the immensely powerful Douglas family which includes his father, legendary Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is of Welsh extraction.  The duo’s marriage was seen as one of the most stable in Hollywood and produced two children, Dylan Micahel who is 13 and Carys Zeta who is 10.

Michael and Catherine began dating in March of 1999 and were married on November 18, 2000 despite the 25-year age difference between them.  The two reportedly first met in Deauville, France where Douglas used the line “I want to father your children.”  They even renewed their vows in 2010 on the 10th anniversary of their wedding with Michael reportedly in tears.

Douglas has most recently survived a throat cancer scare in 2010 for which he underwent chemotherapy and Zeta-Jones was diagnosed as bi-polar earlier this year.  The cancer seemed to take a toll on the couple’s relationship with Zeta-Jones telling Stella magazine “I wasn’t as strong as I thought I could have been. I look back and I can’t believe the strength he had…“.  Michael is reportedly fed up with the marriage although Catherine seems to be fighting dissolution with the couple not having been seen together in public for months.

Things could get ugly as the married couple will most probably head to court to determine how their reported $300 million fortune should be split. Reps for the couple had no comment when reached.

Musical Based Off Mira Nair’s ‘Monsoon Wedding’

In some exciting Broadway news, Mira Nair‘s 2001 hit film ‘Monsoon Wedding‘ has been made into a musical and will be rehearsing for the Great White Way starting in September.  Nair has been working on the songs for the musical and said “We have about seven or eight songs done out of eleven.  We also have the book written and we will enter rehearsals in September in New York.

The 55-year old director has been one busy woman lately, having just released ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist‘ starring Hollywood stars Kate Hudson and Liev Schrieber and Bollywood actors Om Puri and Shabana Azmi along with Pakistani born Riz Ahmed.

What has the ‘Mississippi Masala‘ director been doing lately to keep busy?  Why, she’s been working on the fascinating story of eight-year old Ugandan chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi, who rose from her impoverished beginnings to become a grandmaster chess champion!  The film is based on a true story and “I have just signed the deal for the film. I am starting to research and we will shoot next year. The movie will be based in Uganda.” noted Nair.



Is there anything the multi-talented Nair can’t do at this point?  Who knows, maybe she’ll decide to conquer the music world as well, one can only hope….

World War Z Headlines Hot Summer Movie Weekend



Brad Pitt‘s latest flick ‘World War Z‘ is proving all the doubters wrong and having a great weekend at the box office.  The end of the world zombie apocalypse film started off as a 2006 graphic novel that Pitt’s production company picked up one year later.  Despite rumors of difficulty with the film including a budget of $125 million that ballooned to $200 million, a rewritten script, reshoots, and a release date that was delayed from December 21, 2012 to June 21, 2013 early reports are that it is doing well at theaters.

Here’s a trailer for ‘World War Z‘:

Director Marc Forster says he took inspiration from how ants swarmed an anthill he watched as a boy growing up in Switzerland for one horrific scene in which the zombies swarm a wall in Jerusalem.  This movie looks great and the Movie Don can’t wait to see it, see you in the theaters folks!

11th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

The 11th Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles was held from April 9th to the 14th, at the ArcLight in Hollywood.

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) is an annual event that honors Indian cinema and Indians in the entertainment industry. The 6 day event showcases  films, cultural performances, and much more. The purpose of such a festival is to spread more awareness and appreciation of foreign Indian films in Hollywood.

This year IFFLA showcased over 35 films from across the globe along with the opening and closing night galas.

Stay tuned for interviews…

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